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Studio guidelines




All dancers will be placed in classes on a level system not on age.


A dancer will progress to the next level when they have achieved the requirements necessary to be promoted. Dancers must earn their placement.


Dancers can reach requirements by working hard in class, paying attention, and practice. There will be periodic level placement testing, and when the dancer can successfully do the requirements, they will proceed to the next level of classes. This means that a dancer can move up as fast as they are able to take in the information and apply it successfully. Some dancers may progress faster then others, some may stay in the same class level for a few years. All dancers are different and should be considered as individuals. No two dancers work at the same pace and will be treated as such.


Our company will compete from time to time as a form of stage performance and not for the sake of winning a trophy. Trophies are nice but at the end of the day, teaching students the art of dance is our main priority. We will also be looking in to other avenues of performance opportunities.


Our focus will be on teaching students how to use their bodies correctly and effectively, so as to sustain as few injuries as possible. They will learn to be disciplined, respectful, professional, and will gain knowledge of the value of a good work ethic through self-motivation. They will understand the joy of achieving goals by pushing themselves because they want to go farther and get better, not because it has been given to them, or forced upon them. That is not to say that we will not push the dancers to be the best they can be. They will be expected to be respectful and not disruptive in any way. Any discipline problem will be addressed immediately and will not be tolerated. The dancer must be prepared for direct critiques and sometimes feelings are hurt indirectly; this is not the intention of the teachers. The dancer needs to learn from critiques, not cower to them. It builds life long character.


We will not look down upon students that want to dance for the sake of dancing. If the dancer is fine with their class level, we are also. We will encourage all types of dancers, those that are doing it for fun and those that want to be professionals. There will be no division in classes, only the level division. The only classes not open to the public are the company classes on Saturday morning. Those classes are only open to company members.


The discipline that dance teaches you is valuable whether you become a professional dancer or not.


Any outside extracurricular activity is fine. The dancer is in charge of their own progression. The more dance classes they attend the better they will get.








Dancers will have opportunities to schedule private instruction when time permits. You can also have a staff member choreograph a solo for you if you would like.


There are additional fees for soloists. A $350 Choreography fee for non-company members that would like The Hargest Academy staff to choreograph a solo. Privates can be scheduled to teach and rehearse the dance. (see rate sheet for costs of privates)


Solo costumes can be obtained for an additional cost.



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