Our goal is to develop well rounded performers by providing a quality education, which includes teaching professionalism, discipline, hard work and perseverance in the performing arts.  We want to provide the skills necessary to be successful, should students decide to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


EFFECTIVE AUGUST 30, 2021 - MAY 26, 2022


Changes to the fall schedule will be effective on August 30, 2021. Please refer to Facebook for any schedule changes or cancellations. Registration is now open for fall classes. If you are new to the studio, your first class is FREE. If you refer a friend that registers for classes, you get a 20% discount on your next month's tuition.

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10AM - AGES 10 & UNDER

12PM - AGES 11 & UP


Company auditions will be held Sunday June 6, 2021 at 10AM for ages 10 & under and 12PM for ages 11 & up. This company is for the older, more mature dancers. For the audition, dancers should wear dance clothing that compliments their body and allows the judges to see what they doing. Bring hip hop clothes and shoes to put on for the last part of the audition. Dancers will be doing some ballet, progressions, a jazz/contemporary combo, and a hip hop combo. They will be asked to show flexibility (splits, squared and open, and middle).


Some of the things that will be judged are: flexibility, turns, jumps, special skills, tumbling skills, performance quality, ability to pick up choreography, focus/attention while learning, focus while performing, technique, body alignment, and confidence. This does not mean that you necessarily have to be great at all of these things, we just want to see the potential and the desire.


We will be looking for several different things. Please do not be nervous or scared of the audition. We are looking for dancers that have potential, a desire to perform, are hard working, that are not afraid to sweat, and will go the extra mile without being asked to.


We do not have a set number that we are excepting into the company.



The Hargest Academy of Performing Arts is a professional studio. We will begin with dance first at the inception of our business, but will be incorporating all aspects of the performing arts. This will include all realms of music from writing and recording to actual stage performance as a whole. We want to coach and direct future stars and help them get started on the right path to reach their goal as an entertainer.


All classes are open to the public. You do not have to be a company member to take any of our classes.  Several levels and dance styles are available. The classes range from combination classes for the very young dancer just starting out to advanced levels for dancers looking for a career in the industry.


A pre-company for young dancers 4-6 years of age, and a company for older dancers are available for those that want to obtain more performance opportunities.


Our intent as a studio is to provide a learning place to help create well rounded and technically strong performers. We also can provide help to dancers from other studio competition teams achieve their goals in the competition circuit.

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216 NOAH DR. SUITE 110